Association of Great Lakes Outdoor 2013 Awards in Craft Contest

First Place, Best Book for Fly Fishing The Surf

First Place, Best of Photography/Outdoor Scenic for Sweet Tooth

Second Place, Best of Photography/Hunting for Another Successful Hunt

Third Place, Best of Magazine/Travel for Hallowed Ground

Third Place, Best of Magazine/Fishing for Feed 'Em Feathers

Third Place, Best of Photography/Fishing for Feed 'Em Feathers

Outdoor Writers Association of America 2013 Excellence in Craft Contest

Third Place, Best Book Category for "Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2013 Excellence in Craft Contest

First Place, Magazine Column, "Hallowed Ground"(TIDE Magazine)

First Place, On-Line Publications, "Santee's Last Woodcock", (

First Place, Published Photo Category

First Place Wildlife Photo Category

Second Place, On-Line Publications, "Dancing With The Dawn, (NorthShoreofLongIsland,com); Second Place, Published Photo Category Place, Outdoor Scenic Photo Category

Second Place, Hunting and Fishing Photo Category; Third Place, Magazine Column, "Northeast Super


New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2013 Excellence in Craft Awards

Magazine Column:
First Place - Angelo Peluso, "Hallowed Ground," Tide Magazine
Third Place -Angelo Peluso, "Northeast Super Slam," Tide Magazine

Online Publication:
First Place -Angelo Peluso, "Santee's Last Woodcock,"
Second Place - Angelo Peluso, "Dancing with the Dawn,"

NYSOWA/Janice M. Keesler Memorial Photo Competition winners:
Hunting and Fishing Category - Third Place, Angelo Peluso
Outdoor Scenic Category - Second Place, Angelo Peluso
Published Category - First Place, Angelo Peluso, Second Place, Angelo Peluso

Wildlife Category - First Place, Angelo Peluso

Outdoor Writers Association of America 2012 OWAA Excellence in Craft Contest
Third Place Book Category for "Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast," by Angelo Peluso,

New England Outdoor Writers Association 2012 Excellence in Craft Awards or.

Excellence in Writing Awards
Best Article Newspaper, First Place: Angelo Peluso - Oldies and Still Goodie
Third Place: Angelo Peluso - Long Island's Hidden Bass

Excellence in Photography
Fauna Category, First Place: Angelo Peluso, "Not Seeing Eye to Eye
Scenic Category, Second Place: Angelo Peluso, "Old Grist Mill"

New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2012 Excellence in Craft Awards
1st place, Magazine Feature - Long Island's Secret Steelhead
1st Place, Online - Long Island's Backyard Wildlife
2nd Place Magazine Feature - Arti-fish-ial Intelligence
2nd place Newspaper Column - That's One Tenacious Spider

NYSOWA/Janice Keesler Photo Contest:
1st Place - Hunting and Fishing Category for "Waiting for a Bite"
2nd Place - Published Category for "Albie in Hand"
3rd Place -Wildlife Category for "Getting My Hackles Up"

Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers 2012 Awards in Craft

First Place, Best Book Category for "Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast"
First Place, Best Photo, Outdoor Recreation Category for "Ready for Liftoff"
Second Place, Best Photo, Hunting Category for "Eye to Eye"
Second Place for Best of Newspaper Fishing Category for, "Long Island's Hidden Bass"

Outdoor Writers Association of America 2012 Excellence in Craft

First Place, Magazine Contest-Gear/Technical Category for, Arti-Fish-ial-Intelligence (TIDE Magazine) Third Place, Magazine Contest - Gear/Technical Category for Arti-Fish-ial-Intelligence - Part Two (TIDE Magazine)

New England Outdoor Writers Association 2012 Excellence in Craft

  • First Place, Best Opinion, Newspaper for, The Legacy of Respect (Times Beacon Record Newspapers)
  • Second Place, Best Column, Newspaper for, The Second Royal Sport - Falconry Exists on Long Island (Times Beacon Record Newspapers)
  • Second Place, Best Article, Newspaper for Ice Decoys: Functional Then, Collectible Now (New York Outdoor News)
  • Third Place, Best Column, Magazine for, The Skinny on Long Island Flats Fishing (TIDE Magazine.
  • Third Place Photography, Action Category for, Waiting for a Bite.

New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2011 Excellence in Craft Awards
Magazine Column Category
First Place: Flies to Take to Heaven (Fish Alaska Magazine)

New England Outdoor Writers Association 2010 Excellence in Craft

Magazine Category
Second Place: Long Island Sound - Suburban Salt (Eastern Fly Fishing magazine) Third Place: Smart Baits (The Fisherman magazine);

Newspaper Category
Third Place: Hat Tricks and Grand Slams (New York Outdoor News).

Photo Contest
Flora Category: First Place for E is for Endurance.

New York Sate Outdoor Writers Association Excellence in Craft 2010

Magazine Column
First Place: The Salmon of Knowledge (Fish Alaska Magazine)
Second Place: Zero in on Structure (The Fisherman Magazine)

New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA) 2009 Excellence in Craft:

Second Place (Magazine Column)

"Best Fish of the Day" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

Third Place (Magazine Column)

"Mile Marker Ninety-Two (Fish Alaska Magazine)

The Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) 2009 Awards in Craft:

Second Place (Magazine Division)

"Silvers on Top" (Salmon Trout Steelhead Magazine)

Second Place (Magazine Open Division)

"Salmon of Knowledge" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA) 2008 Excellence in Craft:

First Place (Newspaper Feature)

"Sweetwater Bassin': The Elements of Structure" (The Fisherman Magazine)

Second Place (Magazine Column)

"Captain Joe and the Caldera" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA) 2007 Excellence in Craft:

First Place (Magazine Feature)

"An Alternative Paradise (Fish Alaska Magazine)

First Place (Magazine Column)

"Altar of the Sun" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

Second Place (Magazine Feature)

"Long Island's Unofficial Steelheads" (The Fisherman Magazine)

Second Place (Newspaper Column)

"Long Island Anglers Enjoy Stocks of Sport Fish" (Times Beacon Record)

Third Place (Magazine Feature)

"Forever Bass: My Moment of Truth" (The Fisherman Magazine, May 25, 2006)

The Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) 2008 Awards in Craft:

Second Place (Magazine Fishing Category)

"Best Fish of the Day" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

Third Place (Open Category)

"Captain Joe and the Caldera" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

The Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) 2007 Awards in Craft:

Second Place (Book Category)

"Fly Fishing Long Island" (Norton/Countryman Press),

Second Place (Newspaper Fishing Category)

"Tiny Tackle Tuna" (The Fisherman Magazine)

Third Place (Magazine Fishing Category)

"An Alternative Paradise" (Fish Alaska Magazine).

The Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) 2007 Excellence in Craft Contest: Third Place (Magazine Essay Category)

"Forever Bass - A Moment of Truth (The Fisherman Magazine)

The New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA) 2006 Excellence in Craft

First Place (Magazine Feature)

"Silvers Are Better Than Gold" (Fish Alaska Magazine)

First Place (Magazine Column)

"A Fly in Hand is Worth Fifty Bucks in the Bush" (Fish Alaska Magazine).

Second Place (Newspaper Column)

"When the Water Cools The Fish Will Bite." (Port Times Record).


The Alaska Fly Fishers 2008 Photography Contest

Best in Show Category for the image "Running out of Room"

First Place, Creative Category, for "Sushi Flies"

Honorable mention, Just the Fish Category, for "An Albie in Hand"

Association of Great lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) 2008 Best of Craft Photo Contest

Third Place (Outdoor Scenic Category)

"Red Sled Memories"

The New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2007 Janice Keesler Memorial Photo Contest.

First Place (Enhanced Category)

"Running Out of Room"

Second Place (Enhanced Category)

"Heart of Canna"

First Place (Still Life Category)

"E for Endurance"

Third Place (Still Life Category)

"Among Friends".

The New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA)

2006 Excellence in Craft

First Place (Still Life)

"Red Sled Memories"

Second Place (Still Life)

"Up the Food Chain"

Third Place

"Altar of the Sun".


Saltwater Flies of the Northeast

"Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is comprehensive; it includes all patterns genres, and all eras. This book both captures the state of the art in Northeast saltwater fly pattern development as of 2006, and it will serve as a foundation for future fly pattern development - for any geographic region near the sea - by the tiers of tomorrow."

Alan Caolo

"This book may be a rarity in the new genre of saltwater fly tying books. It is well written, understandable and not self-promotion disguised as a fly pattern book. It identifies the rots and the energy that is vital to understanding the heartbeat of true saltwater fly tying creativity and gives those who develop innovations and explore nuance on root themes a place to display their noteworthy efforts to add interesting and valuable variety to the Northeast saltwater tradition."

Ken Abrames

"Angelo's effort is home to the soul of Northeast saltwater fly fishing. Pioneers and local masters all cast their imitations in the waters of this invaluable work."

Bob Lindquist

"Peluso left no stone unturned. Easily the most comprehensive pattern and tying book ever written, dedicated solely to the Northeastern saltwater fly angler. There is something for everyone in this book. Saltwater Flies of the Northeast will appeal to all saltwater fly fisherman, as well as the beginner, intermediate and advanced fly tier. The fly designers' tying tips, as well as how to fish their patterns, make this more than your typical coffee table book. My copy will sit next to my tying bench."

Henry Cowen

"This is a very important book. Northeast saltwater fly tiers have been at the forefront of worldwide fly tying for the last twenty years. Many of these names, while not recognized outside of their region, will be well known to anyone interested in tying fifty to one hundred years from now. This book could be seen as The Northeast School of Fly Ting; this is where it's been happening, and Angelo Peluso recognized it!"

Mark Sedotti

Angelo Peluso has produced what could be the primer for practical flies designed to catch fish in the Northeast. This impressive, colorful book is intended to serve as a reference guide for beginning and advanced anglers and tiers alike. The volume offers a unique peek into the world of some of the region's - and the sport's - best. The index sounds like a Who's Who. They're all here: Kreh, Quigley, Caolo, Clouser, Marino, Popovics, Puglisi, Tabory. Don't think for a moment that these flies won't work anywhere else. If you take to the brine with the long rod, you owe it to yourself to pick up this one.

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, November /December 2006

At first glance Saltwater Flies of the Northeast has the look and feel of a coffee-table book, but once you open the cover it opened you know that it is more likely destined to end up on the fly-tying bench. Author Angelo Peluso has done a masterful job of creating an encyclopedic catalog of flies for tempting striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, false albacore, and bonito on the northeastern coast. Peluso's credentials for tackling the project are ideal. With more than four decades of fly-fishing the area to his credit, participation in a number of regional angling groups, and founding member status with the Long Island Fly Tyer's Guild, he has been positioned to observe the development of many of the patterns he describes

Saltwater Fly Fishing, December 2006/January 2007

Saltwater Flies of the Northeast - This is primarily a book about fly tying for the Northeast, but it is so much more. It is a book about fly-fishing, the history of fly tying, a compendium of knowledge that cuts across all aspects of fishing, tying and the history of saltwater fly fishing in the northeast. To my surprise, it is unique in its content, covering far more than the classic list of flies and their recipes. First, the book is beautiful. It is in a high gloss format with original art work as well as the requisite clear and detailed fly pictures. It is nice enough to place on your coffee table as well as on your fly tying station. Along with the fly photos and their recipes there are numerous photos of fish art and fishermen. One might call some of these photos as fish ID photos, but that is like calling the work of Ansel Adams tree pictures.

The narratives in the book are both good writing and interesting. He writes about his coming of age as a fisherman, and then about his first striper on a fly. At another point he talks about the progression of fly tying and how this works in the real world. There are tidbits about different materials to use when tying flies and why he prefers one over the other.

Because of the broad range of information and the quality of the writing it makes this book a good read, as well as a reference. All in all you have a well-written, well-photographed and organized book on flies and fly fishing in the Northeast with much of this information and the patterns applicable for use wherever there is saltwater. When you add up all the parts of this book you realize that in your hands is something that is more than a fly tying guide, it is a guide to help you catch fish in the Northeast.

Jed Proujansky, Fly Anglers Online

"Saltwater Flies of the Northeast," by Angelo Peluso. The book is a gem and sparkles with vibrant photos of an abundance of flies and their recipes. Peluso has spared nothing in presenting this book, and it has to be a proud moment for him and publisher Amato Publications, Inc. Try not to pass up an opportunity to acquire "Saltwater Flies of the Northeast." You will devour it contents, read and reap from its contents.

Anna Minicucci, Fishing & Outdoor Trails at

There have been many books written that are like museums that feature pictures and recipes for beautiful flies. Some have been devoted to saltwater flies in particular. Now, thanks to author Angelo Peluso, we can stroll through a literary museum that is strictly devoted to saltwater flies developed for our home waters in particular. Saltwater Flies of the Northeast written by Angelo Peluso and published by Frank Amato is the only book of its kind. It is a well thought out documentary of fly tying as it relates to the waters of the northeast. This wonderfully illustrated book features roughly 400 saltwater patterns that are complete with recipes and explanations of their specific applications in our waters. Peluso made it a point to include contributions from noted tiers like Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Lou Tabory, Bob Veverka, Bob Popovics and others together with flies tied by less known but immensely talented and creative tiers who show us flies that have been developed to be effective along our coast specifically. The book's pages feature some striking fish paintings by Alan James Robinson as well as some paintings of fishing scenes by Vito De Vito that, together with all of Siberry's beautiful photos, make this book a visual candy store. It is about time that someone put together an extensive compilation of patterns geared to our unique home waters. Actually this book is really so much more than that. Thank you Angelo.

Anthony Alessi, Salt on the Fly at

Now what the heck does that editor think he's doing reviewing a book about the North on a website dedicated to the South? Well, fortunately for us all, saltwater fly patterns cross over nicely from one region to another with only a few exceptions so much of this book is useful to the Southern Fly Fisher as well.

So let me provide an example - a couple of weeks ago I fished the surf outside of Panama City - running the beaches are/were bluefish, albies (bonito), ladyfish, and spanish mackerel. My choice of flies was limited as I hate to carry a ton - Clousers, Deceivers, Poppers and Gurglers, and Crease Flies - All of which you will find multiple variations of, and materials lists for, in this Peluso book.

Saltwater Flies of the Northeast contains over 400 fly patterns from a variety of tiers - including such notable names as Kreh, Clouser, Popovics, Curcione, Blados, Tabory, Veverka, Cowen, and many more (I don't mean any disrespect by leaving out anyone, but the list is huge). The artwork (by Alan James Robinson) is very nice and the photos (by Richard Siberry) are very well done. The foreword is written by the well-known Alan Caolo and I think the book is well worth the purchase price, especially if you are a pattern book collector like myself.

Mark Rumph, Editor - Southern Fly Fisher

While fly-fishing for trout has a long history in our area, saltwater fly-fishing is fast becoming the way to catch most saltwater species in the Northeast. In Angelo Peluso's "Saltwater Flies of the Northeast," (Oregon: Frank Amato Publications, 2006), you'll find the best patterns for saltwater fishing in the Northeast.

If you tie your own fly patterns and want to do the same in the saltwater realm, this is your book. It includes 400 highly productive saltwater patterns with detailed tying instructions and gorgeous color photographs. Peluso also includes instructions on how to effectively fish each and every pattern, a highly prized feature in any tying book. For productive saltwater patterns for nearby New York or New Jersey saltwater, this book has few peers.

David Dirks, the Times Herald Record

SALTWATER FLIES OF THE NORTHEAST is a work of art in four respects. One: It is a compilation of flies and their recipes crafted by the region's accomplished tiers as well as folks who utilize these patterns by way of plying our coastal waters; namely, seasoned saltwater fly-fishing guides and veteran boat captains. Two: It is a 369 picture-perfect presentment of these imitations, shot by notable photographer Richard Siberry, whose worldly works range from Montauk to Mongolia, Iceland to Arctic Russia, as well as the flats of the Florida Keys to the coast of Cape Cod. Three: It is a bantam yet fine collection of artwork by three distinguished gentlemen: Joe Blados, Vito DeVito, and Alan James Robinson. Four: It is a comprehensive undertaking scribed by one of the great outdoors writers in our region - Angelo Peluso - whose numerous articles on angling have appeared in a good many, well-known publications. Too, Angelo Peluso has authored a third book entitled FLY FISHING LONG ISLAND.

Although I dislike the term 'coffee-table book,' SALTWATER FLIES OF THE NORTHEAST belongs on such a surface if not on a table adjacent to your fly-tying bench. It does not belong buried within a cluttered bookcase or set absently upon a shelf. It is a reference book worthy of a place close-at-hand. I refer to it as my portable 9 by 11 photo gallery--carried from living room, to dining room, to den.

SALTWATER FLIES OF THE NORTHEAST is destined to become a classic for the simple reason that it is a recipe for fly-fishing success.

Robert Banfelder, award-winning author

Handful of outdoor writers win boatload of awards...

Angelo Peluso was top dog in the Magazine Column and Magazine Feature categories for his pieces in Fish Alaska Magazine. Peluso also was runner-up in both for his work in The Fisherman. Touring NY writer Oak Duke (column) and Kelly (feature) took third among magazine entrants. Fortunately for the other NYSOWA members, Peluso didn't submit work in every category! The Port Jefferson writer wins because he's good. It's that simple.

Chris Kenyon, Finger Lakes Times

Fly Fishing Long Island

In his latest book, Fly Fishing Long Island, author Angelo Peluso offers sweet-water enthusiasts plenty to savor, yet salt pours from the better part of its pages. And though the chapters speaking to spring creeks full of trout and obscure ponds hiding trophy bass will undoubtedly pique the interest of any angler, the quantity and quality of saltwater content will leave nothing to be desired but the fishing itself.

Peluso introduces the reader to the many indigenous and migratory species that swim the waters surrounding his boyhood home, and he offers an insightful look at the forage upon which they feed. Suggested fly patterns and helpful maps that mark productive beaches, piers, parks, and marinas make this an invaluable tool to any angler bound for the Big Apple. If you ever head to New York for business or pleasure, Fly Fishing Long Island should find its way into your travel bag.

American Angler Magazine

Congratulations are in order to Angelo Peluso. Angelo was recognized by the Outdoor Writers of America recently at their conference in Niagara Falls and by the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers at their conference in Roanoke, Virginia for two outstanding books he has published. "Fly Fishing Long Island" is one of the first comprehensive guides to freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing on Long Island. Angelo's book provides excellent information on how and where to catch stripers, bluefish, and false albacore, which are among fly fishers' favorite game fish. Additionally, he writes of where to find sea run trout, including browns and rainbows, and fly-fishing for bass and panfish in local freshwaters. This guidebook includes destination information for local fishing holes, as well as easy-to-understand instructions on how to get started in fly-fishing. Angelo's second book, "Saltwater Flies of the Northeast," is an excellent guide for beginner, as well as advanced fly tiers. In addition to having descriptions and recipes for 370 effective Northeast saltwater fly patterns, including great photos and stunning artwork, this reference guide includes profiles on some of the area's most successful professional and amateur fly guides and captains, from Maine to southern New Jersey.

Tim Charles, Suffolk Life

"Angelo Peluso's book is a fine overview of the total experience of fly fishing on the Island, but the real treasure is in keeping it handy as a reference to be returned to again and again by all anglers captivated by the art of fly fishing - from beginners to the old salts - who yearn to embrace the exhilarating challenges that the waters of Long Island offer to all."

James Laino, Times Beacon Record

Tia, the Story of a Mouse and an Eagle

"Tia's story is a reminder of what every parent hopes to instill in their child as they face the many challenges of life. Tia's adventure is full of trials and tribulations that end with the greatest reward of all - the fulfillment of a dream. This is one book that every parent should have on their child's book shelf."

A reader from New Jersey

"This is a story of unlikely achievement of a resourceful and energetic mouse, Tia. A fun story, with charming, on- target illustrations, the theme of overcoming great odds to reach your dream is touching and inspiring. Kids love it and I want to read it over and over. As a grandfather, I couldn't help but shed a tear of joy as Tia reaches her goal and finds it worth all the trials and tribulations."

A reader from Texas

"I am in the forth grade and I think Tia is a great book because it tells children never to give up their dreams. And it also tells them that if they can't do it the first time to try and try again. And if they keep trying they can reach goal"

A young reader from New Jersey

"Tia is a wonderful story about the power of dreams and determination. Its message, while geared for children, is equally salient to adults. Tia teaches us the power of inner strength, as well as the incredible ability of external support to drive us even harder toward our goals. Tia is able to push herself to new heights through internal motivation, familial support and an unexpected helping hand"

A reader from New York

"I am in the first grade and I love Tia. She is a brave little mouse with a big, big dream. Tia has a nice family and lots of friends who help her. I took Tia to school and my teacher read it to my class and everyone loved it too. And my cousins loved it and took it to school too."

A very young reader from Long Island

"Tia is a refreshing and timely reminder that children teach and influence adults as profoundly as we influence the children entrusted to our care. The most difficult lesson of all for adults - letting go- is beautifully portrayed in this story when Tia's father risks letting her pursue her dream and gains back far more in relinquishing Tia to the magic of her quest. Tia live within each of us. Her sense of wonder and her pliant yet persistent nature recall memories of what it feels like to be a child, to have a dream and to lose it, and then to regain it."

A reader from New Jersey

"I cannot wait to share the story with my grandchildren. What a lovely book. Thank you."

A very special reader from the Whitehouse