New Book Release: Fly Fishing The Surf
By Angelo Peluso

New York June 1st 2013 - Skyhorse Publishing (NYC) has released a new book title by fly fisherman, angling journalist and author, Angelo Peluso. The book, Fly Fishing the Surf, is a comprehensive and essential volume dedicated to surf and wade fishing along the entirety of the East Coast, from the rugged Maine coastline to Florida's tropical flats. This book opens up the prolific world of fly-fishing the surf to seasoned and aspiring anglers and demonstrates the enormous promise this form of angling can offer anglers of all skill levels.

A wealth of content, photographs, and images help to explore the waters of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic states, and the southeast as the book guides anglers to discover a veritable gold mine of game fish and fly-fishing opportunities. Fly Fishing The Surf covers all aspects of tackle, techniques, strategies, game fish and baitfish, flies, and destinations. It will become an invaluable addition to your arsenal of fly-fishing tackle and gear. Regardless of experience or skill level there is something for every shore-based fly angler who casts to inshore coastal game fish.

Early praise for Fly Fishing The Surf has come from some of the most iconic and distinguished pioneers of the sport:

"Fishing beaches, shorelines, and bays with fly tackle is a special experience. Angelo Peluso captures this magic in a book filled with solid information, great insights, and his love of the surf. I'm sure this book will kindle a spark in many anglers to discover water they never considered fishing." Lou Tabory, legendary fly fisherman, fly tier and author

"Angelo Peluso has spent many years fly fishing in many of the surfs on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, which certainly qualifies him to write this book. He has been extremely generous with how-to tips and instructions. I am sure you will find this enjoyable book easy to read and easy to use. I certainly did." Stu Apte, IGFA Hall-of-Fame Angler and five-time winner of the Ted Williams Award

"Angelo Peluso is a solid fly fisherman and writes about what he practices. I'm sure that if you fish the surf, this book will give you valuable information." Bernard "Lefty Kreh, an iconic and world renowned fly angler, fly tier, caster, author and photographer, and creator of the Lefty's Deceiver.

"In my book, Complete Book of Surf Fishing, I devoted only eight pages to fly fishing in the surf, but in Angelo Peluso's Fly Fishing the Surf, there's an entire book's worth of information by a master of the art." Captain Al Ristori, renowned angler, author, charter captain and editor at Saltwater Sportsman and the Newark Star- Ledger.

Angelo Peluso is an award-winning outdoors journalist, book, photographer and lecturer whose work has appeared in numerous local. regional and national publications. He is a seasoned saltwater fly angler with a number of tippet class world records under his belt. Fly Fishing The Surf is his fourth fly-fishing book and joins his other titles: Saltwater Flies of the Northeast; Fly Fishing Long Island; and Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

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Fly Fishing The Surf is available at all major book outlets and online merchants.

Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast
By Angelo Peluso

This book is the perfect combination of practicality and art. Hundreds of the best fly patterns from the Southeast and Gulf coast are highlighted by extraordinary Gyotako art prints and exceptional digital fly photography, resulting in a book that is as beautiful as it is informative.

The year-round fly-fishing opportunities that exist on the flats and the inshore and offshore waters of the Southeast and Gulf Coast are world class, as are the game fish species that inhabit those waters: tarpon, bonefish, permit, redfish, snook, trout, sailfish, sharks, cobia, pompano and many others. This region of the country contains an abundance of saltwater and is home to many species of fish regularly pursued with the fly rod. Where does one begin?

After years of fishing and research, Angelo Peluso has compiled the hot list of go-to flies from guides, captains, shop owners, local clubs, anglers and fly short, many of the experts from Southeast and Gulf Coast waters. The flies profiled in this book are proven fish-catchers from experienced anglers and from people whose jobs depend on consistently catching fish for their clients. Hundreds of patterns are shared, along with tying recipes, materials lists, techniques and tips for fishing the flies, and informative and entertaining narrative vignettes This book will give you the upper hand when fly-fishing the waters of the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc
Photography: Angelo Peluso
Cover Art/Photography: Charlie Brown and Angelo Peluso
Cover Design: Tony Amato

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"Salt Water Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast details the waters around the southern U.S. from Virginia and the Carolinas to the Texas Gulf Coast; this is where some of the greatest saltwater fly-fishing exists. A book of this caliber was long over do and is simply one of the most useful fly pattern books ever published. My copy will sit next to my fly tying bench for years to come." ---Henry Cowen, Fly tier, fly-fishing guide and author

"Angelo did it again! Salt Water Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast will become a premier fly tying book for the beginner as well as the most accomplished fly angler. This book is a compilation of superb photograph and clear, effective recipes for several hundred of the most popular and proven flies used by the experts who pursue fish from the Carolinas to the Texas coast. Superbly written and understandable this book is easy to follow. I am sure Salt Water Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast will NOT be Angelo Peluso's last contribution to this wonderful sport of fly fishing." ---Enrico Puglisi, Internationally acclaimed fly tier, fly innovator and angler

"It's no secret that almost no fly pattern is limited to the waters in which it was designed and Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast gives plenty of ammo for the traveling fly fisher to bring along on the next big matter how close to home." ---Tim Borksi Fly tier, fly angler and renowned sporting artist

"Angelo Peluso's latest book, Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast, contains all the patterns you'll ever need to pursue the region's favorite marine gamefish regardless of whether they inhabit translucent shallows, inshore waters, backcountry bays, or indigo currents. This is a highly comprehensive work and any flyfisher or fly tier worth their "salt" will surely want to have a copy." ---Jon Cave, Author, Fly Casting Instructor, Fly Tackle Consultant, & Guide

"The estuaries and salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Southeastern United States afford year round fly-fishing opportunities for anglers. From the waters of Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Texas' Laguna Madre Salt Water Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast gives fly-fishermen and fly tiers alike a groundwork for fly selection and ideas heretofore unavailable for the area. This book provides an excellent snapshot of flies and tying techniques which are constantly evolving and transferable to all waters and all species of fish." ---Tom Herrington, Historic Ocean Springs Saltwater Fly Fishing Club

"Angelo Peluso is a fly fisherman and fly tier aficionado. I know the time, effort and love that went into the completion of Salt Water Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast. This book is not only very informative but a must have addition to the library of all fly fisherman. Great Job!" ---Captain Lenny Moffo, Big Pine Key, Florida, Renowned fly-fishing guide and fly tier

"When Angelo asked me for a contribution to this new book, I was flattered, tied him a few flies, wrote a few descriptions and mailed them off. Time went by and I forgot about the project. What a surprise when he said the book was finished; and what a book it is! Finally, we have a complete compendium of the flies for the waters I fish the most. As our sport evolves, so do the materials, hooks, and ingenuity of the fly tiers that put these morsels together. Here is the up-to-date fly bible of past and present patterns, and why they work so well." ---Captain Rick Ruoff, Islamorada, Florida Keys, Acclaimed fly angler, guide,fly tyer and TV fishing host

By Angelo Peluso
Productive saltwater patterns of the Northeast--flies that are designed to consistently catch fish!

Intended to serve as a reference guide for both beginning and advanced fly anglers and fly tiers, this book is also a window on the world of some of the region's most successful fly fishermen. Angelo Peluso profiles the exceptional flies of more than 100 professional and amateur tiers, guides and captains. Their designs and patterns have been successfully fished regionally--from the southern tip of New Jersey up through the rugged coastline of Maine, and most all locations in between. Within these pages are the "go-to" designs that each contributing fly tier, professional guide and captain uses when the going gets tough. This comprehensive book contains beautiful photographs and stunning artwork, plus descriptions and recipes for 370 of the most effective northeast saltwater fly patterns being used today. An indispensable guide for fly tying, this book will become a "must-have" for the serious or aspiring saltwater fly tier and fly angler.

Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc
Photography: Richard Siberry
Cover Art: Joe Blados
Inside Art: James Alan Robinson and Vito DeVito

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Signed and inscribed author's copies are available of the first edition/first printing

Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is comprehensive; it includes all pattern genres, and all eras. This book both captures the state of the art in Northeast saltwater fly pattern development as of 2006, and will serve as a foundation for future fly pattern development--for any geographic region near the sea--by the tiers of tomorrow." ---Alan Caolo, Author Sight-Fishing for Striped Bass

"Angelo's effort is home to the soul of northeast saltwater fly fishing. Pioneers (Curcione and Popovics), legends (Clouser and Kreh) and local masters like Mikkleson, Becker, Skok and Patlen all cast their imitations in the waters of this invaluable work." ---Bob Lindquist, Internationally prominent fly tier

"This book may be a rarity in the new genre of saltwater fly tying books. It is well written, understandable and not self-promotion disguised as a fly pattern book. It identifies the roots and the energy that is vital to understanding the heartbeat of true saltwater fly tying creativity and gives those who develop innovations and explore nuance on root themes a place to display their noteworthy efforts to add interesting and valuable variety to the Northeast saltwater tradition." - Ken Abrames Author Striper Moon

"Peluso left no stone unturned. Easily the most comprehensive pattern and tying book ever written, dedicated solely to the Northeastern saltwater fly angler. There is something for everyone in this book. Saltwater Flies of the Northeast will "appeal to all saltwater fly fishermen, as well as the beginner, intermediate and advanced fly tier. The fly designers' tying tips, as well as how to fish their patterns, makes this more then your typical coffee table book. My copy will sit next to my tying bench!" -Henry Cowen, author and fly tier

"This is a very important book. Northeast saltwater fly tiers have been at the forefront of worldwide fly tying for the last twenty years. Many of these names, while not recognized outside of their region, will be well known to anyone interested in tying fifty to one hundred years from now. This book could be seen as The Northeast School of Fly Tying; this is where it's been happening, and Angelo Peluso recognized it! -Mark Sedotti, world renown fly caster

By Angelo Peluso

Scheduled Release Spring, 2007
Publisher: Norton/Countryman Press

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Fly Fishing Long Island is a comprehensive guide to freshwater and saltwater angling and the first of its kind for fly-fishing the waters of Long Island. The book explores the extensive fly-fishing opportunities of the waters surrounding this 1,411 square mile piece of real estate, an island fortuitously nestled between the Long Island Sound to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. To the west is New York City, which amazingly has become a world-class fly fishery in its own right. At the extreme southeastern tip of the Island lie the fabled waters of Montauk, where many a fly fisherman's dream has been realized. Slightly to the north are Orient Point and the legendary Race. Bracketing the Island are both the North Shore and South Shore coastlines, which offer extensive world-class fly-fishing opportunities. The fertile waters of the Long Island Sound…approximately 122 miles long…and the expansive Atlantic Ocean define the character and scope of the Island's angling potential, as do the many harbors, inlets and bays of Long Island and play host to striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, fluke, false albacore, bonito, Spanish mackerel, skipjack, and small blue fin tuna.

The Island's fishing potential goes well beyond its saltwater boundaries and into the interior of the Island itself. Its lakes, ponds and rivers also support an excellent fishery for trout and bass and indigenous panfish. Considerable freshwater fly- fishing opportunities exist on Long Island and represent a significant sport fishing resource with substantial angling opportunities. Within the Island's fresh waters one will find not only a prolific variety of sport fish, but specimens that qualify as northern trophies.

Fly Fishing Long Island explores all the significant opportunities for fishing both venues and presents locations, tackle, flies and techniques, as well as informative tip-filled anecdotes. This book will be your guide to accessible world-class fly fishing.

The world is ready for another mouse and this one is a she!
A children's story by Angelo Peluso
With numerous illustrations by Anna Finkel

Published by Cherubic Press
$8.95 plus $3.00 shipping and postage.
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A touching story of love, support, courage and the power of believing in yourself. A tiny mouse, one of the smallest creatures in the forest has a giant dream. Tia is a heartwarming tale of ambition, hope and dreams fulfilled - she's the smallest mouse in the forest, and she's got the biggest dream. This story began as a bedtime tale for the author's two daughters and portrays the exploits of Tia as she pursues an almost impossible dream. Armed with a persistent spirit to explore the unknown and a strong desire to achieve her goal, this diminutive field mouse confronts potentially overwhelming odds in her quest to make her dream a reality. Although discouraged by numerous challenges and misfortune, Tia tries again and again and refuses to concede defeat. It is an adventure that both requires and builds confidence. With the love and encouragement of a supportive family and help from some unexpected friends, Tia reaches for greatness and her grandest dream.

Tia's message to children is to never stop dreaming, always believe in yourself and your abilities and you will accomplish things in life that appear impossible to others.

"Tia's story is a reminder of what every parent hopes to instill in their child as they face the many challenges of life. Tia's adventure is full of trials and tribulations that end with the greatest reward of all - the fulfillment of a dream. This is one book that every parent should have on their child's book shelf." A reader from New Jersey

"This is a story of unlikely achievement of a resourceful and energetic mouse, Tia. A fun story, with charming, on- target illustrations, the theme of overcoming great odds to reach your dream is touching and inspiring. Kids love it and I want to read it over and over. As a grandfather, I couldn't help but shed a tear of joy as Tia reaches her goal and finds it worth all the trials and tribulations." A reader from Texas

"I am in the forth grade and I think Tia is a great book because it tells children never to give up their dreams. And it also tells them that if they can't do it the first time to try and try again. And if they keep trying they can reach goal" A young reader from New Jersey

"Tia is a wonderful story about the power of dreams and determination. Its message, while geared for children, is equally salient to adults. Tia teaches us the power of inner strength, as well as the incredible ability of external support to drive us even harder toward our goals. Tia is able to push herself to new heights through internal motivation, familial support and an unexpected helping hand" A reader from New York

"I am in the first grade and I love Tia. She is a brave little mouse with a big big dream. Tia has a nice family and lots of friends who help her. I took Tia to school and my teacher read it to my class and everyone loved it too. And my cousins loved it and took it to school too." A very young reader from Long Island

"Tia is a refreshing and timely reminder that children teach and influence adults as profoundly as we influence the children entrusted to our care. The most difficult lesson of all for adults - letting go- is beautifully portrayed in this story when Tia's father risks letting her pursue her dream and gains back far more in relinquishing Tia to the magic of her quest. Tia live within each of us. Her sense of wonder and her pliant yet persistent nature recall memories of what it feels like to be a child, to have a dream and to lose it, and then to regain it." A reader from New Jersey

"I cannot wait to share the story with my grandchildren. What a lovely book. Thank you." A very special reader from the Whitehouse