Fundamentals of Fly-Fishing the Surf

Join Angelo Peluso for a unique fly-fishing class. Instruction will take place at selected beach locations where the fundamentals of fly-fishing will be taught in an informal and conversational setting. The basic program is geared for the new or intermediate fly angler with customized sessions available for more experienced anglers. With almost thirty-five years of fly-fishing experience under his wading belt, Angelo has a wealth of information to share with the students attending his classes.

Topics covered will include:

  • Casting
  • Retrieves
  • Line Selection
  • Leaders/Knots
  • Fly Selection
  • Essential Gear
  • Reading Water
  • Tactical Wading
  • Elements of Structure
  • Tactics for local game fish
  • Beach Safety
Individual and group sessions (up to four participants) are available, and can be structured to meet any specific needs or interests. The full program runs three hours. Specialized hourly classes can also be arranged to meet specific needs, interests or time constraints.

Individual Rates: Full 3-hour program: $195.00/ personalized one student class
(includes signed/inscribed first edition copy of "Fly Fishing Long Island")

$75.00 for customized hourly sessions

Group rates (two to four students): $160.00 per student/3-hour program

Classes are scheduled throughout the entire year. Some light beach walking required for the full program.