I have had the great pleasure of getting to know a number of wonderfully talented artists and photographers. From time to time this section will contain images from those artisans that complement my own works of writing and photography. These images will be both for your viewing enjoyment and for sale.

Running Out of Room

This digitally enhanced image of Simply Out of Luck was awarded First Place recognition in the Enhanced Category of the New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2007 photography contest.

Available as an 8x10 print $50.00

Heart of Canna

The tropical Canna plant is a favorite plant in one of my border gardens. A large leaf was the subject of this digitally enhanced image. The photograph received a Second Place recognition in the Enhanced Category of the New York State Outdoor Writers Association 2007 photography contest.

Available as an 8x11 print $50.00

E is for Endurance

A winter's ice storm created the perfect setting for this image of a stem and bud enduring their frozen condition and awaiting the thaw. The image was awarded First Place in the Still Life Category of the New York State Outdoor Writers Association's 2007 photography contest.

Available as an 8x10 print $50.00

Among Friends

While photographing flies for an upcoming book project this image became a favorite of mine. It placed Third in the Still Life Category of the New York State outdoor Writers Association's 2007 photography contest.

Available as an 8x10 print $50.00


A winters' walk on the beach can yield many treasures, like this image of a grounded lobster pot marker.

Available as an 8x12 print $50.00

"Highflyer" Artist: Vito Devito

Artist Vito DeVito and I share many common interests both in the outdoors and in the field of art. Our paths eventually intersected on a river while trout fishing, and the result is a partnership that yielded this exceptional artwork, "Highflyer", offered for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition lithograph.

"Highflyer" depicts a timeless scene on the hallowed waters of the Connetquot River, a river rich in angling lore. The scene is of an opening day encounter with an extraordinary airborne rainbow trout at the well-known and coveted "Beat Nine." For those who have fished the beat, the question is, "Will the rainbow make the spillway and gain its freedom or will the skill of the fly fisherman be rewarded with a much honored and valued prize?" Such drama is repeated not only on the Connetquot River but also on all rivers where big rainbow trout can be found. This image is one that all who appreciate fine angling art will want as a valuable addition to their collections.

A graduate of Seton Hall University, Vito studied art extensively throughout the U.S, Venice and Florence. Today, Vito is a very successful artist and sculptor, as well as a dedicated fly fisherman and conservationist. Ducks Unlimited, Safari Club International and the International Game Fish Association have each commissioned Vito for paintings. Ducks Unlimited requested Vito to create a new painting each year from 1994 through 2003, an amazing artistic accomplishment. Vito completed his tenth painting for Ducks Unlimited and is in demand among fishing, conservation and environmental organizations throughout the U.S.

Price: $225 unframed, signed/numbered

Altar of the Sun

One late August morning a few years back I made my way to the mouth of the Tsiu River in Southeastern Alaska. I was accompanied by two other anglers, both of whom made their way to this river from Iceland. We were greeted by a majestic sunrise and some extraordinary fly fishing for bright, ocean-fresh silver salmon. This image was awarded a Grand Prize by the Alaska Flyfishers and Third Place recognition by the New York State Outdoor Writers Association.

Available as an 8x10 print for $50.00

Red Sled Memories

This image was the result of a day spent playing in the snow with my two daughters. As the late afternoon shadows descended upon a sled partially buried in the snow the somewhat haunting image of a face appeared. This image was awarded First Place recognition by the New York State Outdoor Writers Association for color print format in their 2006 photography contest.

Available as an 8 ½ x 11 for $50.00
And an 8x10 with white borders for $40.00

Can You See Me Now

I spend quite a bit of time on the beaches of the Long Island Sound. While fishing one spring in an area that contained a large number of sand eels I was treated to some exceptional fly fishing for striped bass. The bass were so focused on the masses of sand eels they paid no attention to me and actually swarmed around my motionless legs while feeding on the eels. I backed away up to a small knoll and snapped a few photos of the stripers in some very "skinny" water. This image is a favorite of mine.

Available as an 8 ½ x 11 for $50.00
and an 8x10 for $$40.00

S.O.L. - Simply Outta Luck

Even Crease flies have to eat. This offshore Crease Fly tied by master tier, Glen Mikkleson, is about to enjoy a savory glass minnow, that appears to be without an adequate escape strategy!

Available as an 8 12/ x 11 full
horizontal image for $50.00

Up the Food Chain

While photographing flies for my book, Fly Fishing Long Island, I experimented with a variety of different backgrounds and lighting. One such setup resulted in this image of flies attempting to consume other flies. The image was awarded Second Place in the New York State Outdoor Writers Association's 2006 photography contest.

Available as an 8 ½ x 11
full horizontal print for $50.00

Cover Art: Saltwater Flies of the Northeast

The magnificent cover for Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is the result of the exceptional artistic talents of Joe Blados. To many, Captain Blados is best known as the originator of the world famous "Crease Fly" and as a pioneer of flats fishing for striped bass on the east end of Long Island's North Fork. But Joe is also a wonderfully gifted artist who utilizes digital airbrush techniques to create unique and extraordinary works of art. I am pleased at the opportunity to offer a high quality reproduction of this highly acclaimed cover. The print is not only a nice accompaniment to the book itself but also a most collectible piece of art.

Available as a full 12x14 borderless photographic image Signed and numbered

Whiskers and White Pine

"Catherine" was a feral cat that befriended our family. She was always much more comfortable being in the outdoors rather than observing it through the panes of a closed window. We were kindred spirits in that regard. I took this photo as she gazed upon a Blue Jay fluttering around in the white pine. We all know what she was thinking!

Available as an 8x10 print for $40.00

Joe Blados Art Portfolio

Joe Blados is the originator of the exceptionally effective and world-renowned Crease Fly, a design that has been embraced by fly anglers both in saltwater and freshwater. Joe is also an accomplished fly fishing guide on the east end of Long Island's North Fork. You now have a most unique opportunity to acquire his equally extraordinary artwork, offered exclusively through www.angelopeluso.com

An exceptional artist known for his work in digital medium, Joe's artwork is refreshing, innovative and reflective of his time and experience on the waters of Long Island, and demonstrates an intimate knowledge of local game fish and their prey. Joe recently also created the original artwork for the cover of the acclaimed fly pattern book, "Saltwater Flies of the Northeast".

This is the first public offering of Joe's work and represents a wonderful buying opportunity for sporting art that will surely become coveted and collectible.

The images are offered unframed as either 8 x 12 or 8 X 10 inch prints(whichever size is most suitable for the image) and are $55.00 each, plus postage and shipping.