6 tricks to reduce carbohydrates

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6 tricks to reduce carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, also known as “carb”, are the main nutrients that provide energy for the body. We can find this nutrient in many foods such as rice, bread, certain fruits, milk, etc. However, one of the keys to helping you lose weight is successful. Eating less carbs This can be quite a challenge. Because most of the food we eat every day is a carbohydrate component. So today we’ve put together some easy tips to help you eat less carbs without losing your health. Let’s have a look and see what they are.

6 tricks to reduce carbohydrates

1. Eat low-carb flour instead of wheat flour.

Wheat flour used for baking is often high in carbohydrates. But did you know that there are other types of starches that are low in carbs, namely coconut flour and walnut flour? It is estimated that Flour made from nuts And 100 grams of coconut flour contains about 11 grams and 21 grams less carbohydrates, respectively, so they are a healthier choice.

2. Order vegetables as a side dish when eating out.

Most restaurants offer a choice of vegetables as a side dish. There may be other options for you to choose from depending on the food you order, such as bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. If you are eating out. Ordering vegetables as a side dish can help you eat less carbs. Only is not enough Vegetables are also low in calories. And rich in healthy nutrients Especially fiber that helps you feel full longer. 

3. Eat eggs and low-carb foods for breakfast.

Eggs are one of those low-carb breakfast options you shouldn’t miss. Because this food contains less than 1 gram of carbohydrates and is also a source of protein that can help you feel full for hours. You can also use olive oil when making eggs. Or eat boiled eggs with different kinds of steamed vegetables

4. Avoid eating drinks that are high in sugar.

Most juices and soft drinks that are sold in general are high in sugar. And has low nutritional value It also makes the body get more calories than necessary. Which eating foods that are high in sugar on a regular basis can affect the body, for example, affect the work of the metabolic process. Resulting in increased insulin resistance At risk of developing type 2 diabetes and an increased risk of being overweight and obese

5. Eat bread other than white bread.

The white bread that many people like to eat is rich in carbohydrates. But low in fiber Although it is a high-energy food But if you eat too much It may cause a spurt of weight, however, if you can not resist the bread. Then choose to eat a bread that contains whole grains Low carb Or unpolished bread such as whole grain bread, buckwheat bread, rye bread, etc.

6. Drink other milk instead of cow’s milk.

Although cow’s milk is a drink packed with healthy nutrients. But if you are in the weight loss phase And want to eat less carbs Cow’s milk can be a very bad choice. It is estimated that drinking 240 ml of cow’s milk will absorb 12-13 g of carbs for example milk that can be substituted for cow’s milk and have less carbs, such as almond milk or walnut milk. Most of these products contain less than 2 grams of carbs per serving.