The benefits of lemon juice. 

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The benefits of avant-garde lemon juice drink a warm glass in the morning. It refreshes the body. bright all day It also has many health benefits. See what’s up.

Aid digestion.         

Lemon juice will help flush out toxins and residues in the body. Because lemon juice has a composition similar to saliva and hydrochloric acid. in gastric juice This results in the liver producing bile, an acid that is essential for digestion. In addition, lemons are high in minerals and vitamins. UFABET Helps to drive toxins in the digestive tract The hydrophilic effect of lemon juice can help relieve symptoms of indigestion such as acid reflux, bloating, and indigestion. The American Cancer Society also recommends drinking warm lemon water to boost productivity. of the intestine leaving no residues that can cause colon cancer.

Helps detox and is a diuretic.

           Lemon juice helps to remove things from the body through the urine. This will help make the urinary system work better. The citric acid in lemon juice also increases the activity of enzymes that help. Stimulates the liver and helps in detoxification as well.

The benefits of lemon juice. Drink warm in the morning. How good is it? It must be proven.

Helps to boost immunity.

            Lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps fight colds. It is also high in potassium, which helps stimulate brain and nerve function. which helps control blood pressure as well The vitamin C found in lemons also helps fight inflammation. and help treat asthma and other respiratory ailments It also increases the absorption of iron in the body. This iron is very important for the immune system. Plus, avant-garde lemons also contain saponins, which help fight flu and reduce phlegm in the body,

Balancing the pH in the body.

           Although lemons contain both citric and ascorbic acids, which is acidic. But when mixed with drinking water. It’s as an alkaline effect. Or as we call it Alkaline Water, which helps to reduce the acidity in the blood. In addition, the minerals in lemons help balance the alkalinity of the blood. Drinking lemon juice regularly helps to reduce the acidity in the body, especially uric acid, which It is one of the main causes of pain and inflammation.