Liverpool 2-1 Fulham: Collected after the Carabao Cup quarter-finals

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Liverpool 2-1 Fulham: Collected after the Carabao Cup quarter-finals, the Reds narrowly won the first leg. With highlights of the competition.

Fulham almost surprised Liverpool by taking the lead. Before being hit by the Reds’ “Super Sub”, scoring two straight goals in the second half to win 2-1 in the end. Report from

Liverpool almost didn’t survive.

This game was as expected as Liverpool almost had control of the ball. Folding the field and attacking alone. But Fulham seem to have done their homework well by defending in a zone and waiting for opportunities to counter. Which makes the Reds’ game look very uncomfortable, able to only knock the ball back and forth but unable to find a decisive finishing moment or barely reach the final area. Moreover, each time the visiting team fought back. It was thrilling and was the source of the lead goal in the first half. Best of all, Klopp was able to solve the game in time to focus on full attack in the second half and used long-range shots until the game was back under control with 2 plus goals to win in the end.

Fulham countered and gained water.

Today, Fulham’s counter-attack game must said to have created quite a stir for Liverpool. Where the 4 attacking generals, Bobby Reed, Andreas Pereira, Willian and Raul Jimenez, played. They were able to play with the ball in a few moments and were able to enter the Reds’ dangerous area. They only lacked sharpness. If today they were more accurate and decided a little better in the final moment, it would have been good enough. will even be able to take home the victory

Bradley looks handsome.

One of Liverpool’s outstanding form players in this game was young star Conor Bradley. Who was given the opportunity to enter the field in place of the injured Trent Alexander Arnold. Which must be said from Many football fans seem worried about whether it will work or not. Today, he shows stability beyond his years. Even the defensive game still needs to gain more experience. But today’s offensive game is both aggressive and brave to play and brave to dribble. There were many beautiful break-through moments. Seeing this made me want to give Klopp a try and send him onto the field in a league game. And if it works, push Trent to play full-time in the middle to finish it off.