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Cooper insists on talking to the owner about normal things.

Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper under pressure. Revealed that meeting with football club owner Evangelos Marinakis was a normal conversation. Cooper admitted he traveled to London last week. to meet with club owner Marinakis and sporting director Filippo Giraldi. Which is an overall discussion. But the media did not

Maitland-Niles congratulates Ruben Sayes.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles shin of all kinds Southampton. On loan from Arsenal for the 2022-23 season have hailed Ruben Sayes. As acting head coach at St. Mary’s has outstanding potential. Not unlike Mikel Arteta, the English Premier League’s top gunner at this time. Ceyes has lined up for the

The benefits of lemon juice. 

The benefits of avant-garde lemon juice drink a warm glass in the morning. It refreshes the body. bright all day It also has many health benefits. See what’s up. Aid digestion.          Lemon juice will help flush out toxins and residues in the body. Because lemon juice has a composition

Dry skin is caused by what?

Dry skin is a condition in which the water level under the skin is lower than normal. Naturally, our skin looks bright and radiant. Because it contains water, oils and natural humectants. Water is the most abundant and most important component of skin cells. The oil from the