Eat bananas in the morning Amazing benefit or danger?

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Eat bananas in the morning can help you lose weight. Or will eating bananas in the morning have a negative effect on your stomach? The riddle about bananas is quite confusing.

          A famous way to lose weight for a long time. He said that he had to eat bananas in the morning regularly. But from what I’ve heard that eating bananas on an empty stomach is scary. In conclusion eating bananas in the morning is good or bad for health? Today let’s solve the mystery of bananas. 
          Scientific evidence and research on health reiterate that. Eating bananas every morning will help your body absorb the enormous benefits of bananas. Especially for those who want to reduce their cravings for sweets in the late afternoon or early afternoon. Or people who often feel hungry If you eat bananas every morning. The symptoms of the obese lifestyle will disappear instantly. In addition those who have problems with the digestive system and intestines. These health problems can be easily solved by simply peeling a banana in your mouth and eating it.

eat bananas in the morning  Amazing benefit or danger?

          Because bananas are a fruit that is perfectly packed with benefits. Bananas contain vitamins B1 and B2 to help speed up the metabolism of sugar and fat. Carbohydrates are good for the body. Contains soluble fiber When it falls into the digestive system, it absorbs water. It inflates and helps keep your stomach feeling full for longer.

Eat bananas in the morning Amazing benefit or danger?

          Plus the B vitamins, potassium and magnesium packed in bananas. It also helps restore the body from fatigue. Helps to excrete sodium, which is one of the factors that cause high blood pressure out of the urine. and result in reducing the swelling of the body as well

          So it’s easy to conclude that eating bananas in the morning is definitely beneficial for the body. especially those who are wanting to lose weight Eat 1-2 bananas with a glass of water after waking up. Your weight loss will be faster and more efficient. However, you have to control your diet and exercise in it.

          As for anyone wondering if you have to eat bananas only in the morning to benefit? I repeat that. The benefits of bananas are available to you for 24 hours. especially beneficial for eye healthBananas contain vitamin A plus beta-carotene. and alpha-carotene that helps nourish the eyes and nerves of vision as well Besides eating bananas regularly, the body receives potassium, an electrically conductive substance that stimulates the work of the heart. Maintain a healthy heart without the risk of heart disease, too.

          It’s clear, isn’t that right? Eating bananas whenever and wherever is beneficial. Even on an empty stomach, it can be eaten, as Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesada Denduangboriphun Faculty of Science Lecturer Chulalongkorn University provides information that even bananas are high in magnesium. But ingesting it on an empty stomach doesn’t increase the blood magnesium levels so dramatically that they’re dangerous for the coronary arteries as we feared. Plus, the potassium in bananas isn’t as bad for heart health as claims.

But still Bananas are also high in sugar. Made when eaten The stomach will secrete a lot of gastric juice. And may cause recurrent acid reflux symptoms in some people. Therefore people with acid reflux should not eat bananas on an empty stomach. As for normal people. It’s not a problem to eat bananas on an empty stomach. Just suggest to chew slowly. Do not swallow the whole baby anyway. According to report by ufabet