5 ways to cure dry lips

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5 ways to cure dry lips. Our lips are pitiful The summer was sunburned. Cold winters,  dry lips, peeling again, pitiful lips turn into dry lips. In general, our skin has 16 layers of self-defense system, including pores, pigments, epidermis, etc. Hey, but compared to the lip area. It has only 3-5 layers of self-defense system. Let’s see how to cure dry mouth.  along with famous lip skin care items That will make your lips smooth, soft, beautiful and attractive at the same time.

5 ways to cure dry lips
5 ways to cure dry lips

do not lick your lips often

This is a serious misconception. When many friends feel that their lips are dry, they like to lick their tongues with their tongues. You can’t make it feel a little more hydrated. You can’t. Don’t do it. Just think about it. There are acids in our saliva that help us digest food. The size of the food is still digested. And what language are we counting on our tender lips?

In addition to causing irritation When the saliva on the lips gradually dry and black, it makes our mouth feel even more dry. Stop licking your lips is also How to cure dry mouth. The first method that should be done before other procedures. 

Exfoliating lip scrub

It is said that the mouth scrub is one of the key How to cure dry mouth ? Have you tried it yet? The function of scrub as we know commonly is to remove dead skin cells on the face. Therefore, we can tell that if there is still on the page Lips must be the same. And it has to be more.

But one thing to be careful about is Choosing the wrong product is a double-edged sword. We recommend using a natural product. Gentle and not too harsh on the skin. Anyone with dry, peeling lips to the point of bleeding. Scrub is not recommended. Focus on maintenance If the wound heals, gently scrub And the scrub that he is very popular is sugar + honey mixed together, scrub once a week, soft lips, kissable, ready to nourish for sure.

use petroleum jelly

For those who are sensitive, we recommend. How to cure dry mouth with petroleum jelly Many people may not be familiar with that. Petroleum Jelly What are we talking about? Because everyone already knows it as Vaseline! Using Vaseline on the lips when dry lips is something that everyone has to do. Which we come as another voice that helps guarantee that it works!

How the Petroleum Jelly works It will help to coat our skin like a thin film. Do not let the skin in that area loss of moisture But the chic of the Vaseline brand that makes everyone known all over the world is He added nutrients to it as well. It protects Plus taking care of it ever in the body until the brand name has become a term for this product. talking about petroleum jelly I will think of Vaseline instead.

Using Vaseline on your mouth We can pick up some Vaseline and apply it. On the lips whenever we feel that the mouth is dry, but caution is Do not apply too thick Because the body of Vaseline is quite oily. And it will make our lips look too oily. Apply friends to use the wrong amount. Therefore, we recommend using Vaseline on days when you are not wearing a lot of makeup.


Always carry lip gloss or lip gloss with you.

dry mouth remedy This is very important for friends. who loves makeup because to apply Vaseline over the lipstick color Probably not a good option. Because in addition to the texture or texture will look too oily. May make the lipstick color peel off more easily as well.

Therefore, the better option in this case is lip balm, or as we call  it, lip balm. Lip balm is quite different from Petroleum Jelly in that Lip balm won’t make my lips look oily, but mainly helps to add moisture to the skin. especially when we put on makeup

You can use lip balm as a base like foundation before applying lipstick. Some lip balms also make the lipstick color more vivid. Don’t ask if it’s used Which brand of lipstick is good? If our lips are moist enough Any brand is great.

Not just your face, your mouth needs SPF too.

Do you know that? What is called how insidious sunlight? even the face Our skin can also get burns from the sun. And what language are you counting with our delicate mouths? And that’s why friends You should not only apply sunscreen on your face and body, but you can also use sunscreen on your lips as well. Sometimes the lips are very dry. It’s also caused by too much sun exposure too.

In addition, leaving the lips to be severely sunburned without care. can also increase the risk of skin cancer, not different from other places In addition, the medical specialist also said that the fragile parts of the lips are riskier than other points Many times