What you should know about the tuberculosis vaccine

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What you should know about the tuberculosis vaccine. Before receiving tuberculosis vaccination Participants should be prepared and have a greater understanding of the vaccine to reduce possible anxiety or stress. Now let’s look at the details.

1. Form and vaccination of tuberculosis

Commonly used TB vaccines are made from live bacteria that have been weakened so that they cannot cause disease. But enough to stimulate the body’s immune system to prevent disease. by a doctor or staff to inject A single dose of 0.1 ml subcutaneous vaccine in the upper arm for all ages. 

Approximately 2 months after vaccination, the body will be fully immune to the disease. The vaccine is effective in preventing tuberculosis in children. Especially meningeal tuberculosis and invasive tuberculosis. However, it may be less effective in preventing pulmonary tuberculosis, which is often found in adult patients.

2. Who should be vaccinated against tuberculosis?

As already mentioned Thailand has a high incidence of tuberculosis. The tuberculosis vaccine is therefore classified as a basic vaccine that all newborns should be vaccinated for free according to the Ministry of Health’s policy. But if not injected from birth, it can be injected at any age. 

However, although the tuberculosis vaccine administered to people aged 16-35 may be less effective or ineffective. But for groups at higher risk of TB infection, people should still be vaccinated as before. Such as healthcare professionals lab worker on pathogens medical or public health personnel People who work or are in close contact with TB patients or those traveling in high-risk areas.