The problem of obesity in adolescence.

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The problem of obesity in adolescence It remains a consistent subject in everyone’s daily life. Because eating is another happiness that fills our lives. Especially in teenagers who are said to be growing up and have a special appetite. At the same time, they still love beauty and beauty at the same time, making obesity a problem that needs to be dealt with. And another problem that follows is the yo-yo symptoms that result from obesity. that teenagers, including other ages should be understood together.

Yo-yo symptoms

It is a symptom of people who were obese before consuming certain products. When the consumption is stopped, the weight comes back more than ever. It has become a problem of obesity that cannot be solved.

Currently, there are many weight loss products that advertise themselves that do not make yo-yo. From asking a medical professional, the answer is that the product will not cause Yo-yo symptoms. But there are also suggestions that for good weight loss, it is best to adjust your own behavior. that it is a matter of food or exercise to help with weight as efficiently as possible

As for the products, if choosing those that are fiber.

used in conjunction with behavioral adjustments It may not make you fat. But if it is a product that you can eat and can sit and lie still, it can make you slim. That way, if you stop eating, you can definitely come back to being fat again. Some products are also susceptible to harm. The best way is to adjust the behavior to see the best results.

As for drugs that excrete fat out.

Based on the working principle that helps to inhibit the absorption of fat into the body. It is still able to trap only 80% of the fat and still have the fat absorbed into the body as well. Not that you can eat more fat. because if the more you eat The portion beyond inhibition will increase. and affects body weight as well

When talking about the problem of obesity among teenagers For the most part, if they are in their late teens around the age of 18 and are still obese, 80% of these people will become obese adults. Because of the behavior that was created until it became a habit. whether it’s about diet or exercise Difficult to change in adulthood

in adolescents with obesity problems

Blood should be drawn to check for diabetes. Because more than 50% of these people tend to have early symptoms of diabetes. In addition, obesity prevention should be done from childhood. Like breast milk, it can help with obesity. Because the mother’s milk contains enough nutrients necessary for the baby. As for cooking for children to eat between 6 months and 1 year, do not add any seasonings. give the food a bland taste To create a habit for children after 1 year of age, children will be able to eat a variety of foods. Parents should take care of desserts. Children should not be eaten in order to create a habit. Do not let children get used to eating sweets, fussy eating is a habit from childhood. Importantly, children should not be addicted to the game. Because if this problem occurs, obesity will follow.

In adolescents who are facing obesity and want to lose weight.

It is recommended to eat 3 full meals because the body still needs energy to use each day. If you limit your diet too much, it can result in malnutrition or osteoporosis. Maybe reduce the starch and add enough vegetables instead. It’s an interesting way.

But it is advisable to choose leafy vegetables rather than root vegetables (carrots, pumpkins, etc.) because they still have energy. without any meal. But eat every meal with discipline. Recommend menus are boil soup, boil vegetables and chili paste. Noodle soup, water suki, sticky rice with papaya salad, but don’t eat too much sticky rice.