Cooper insists on talking to the owner about normal things.

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Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper under pressure. Revealed that meeting with football club owner Evangelos Marinakis was a normal conversation.

Cooper admitted he traveled to London last week. to meet with club owner Marinakis and sporting director Filippo Giraldi. Which is an overall discussion. But the media did not miss out on the future.

“I already talk to the owner regularly. I met him in London last Tuesday. which is nothing wrong It’s a normal thing.

“Not every week, but more from time to time. It was a normal meeting on various matters.”

“Filippo Giraldi was there too. We talk about the club’s teams as usual. The objective is how we can perform well in the next game.”UFABET

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I saw the owner on the day of the race. when he came to watch the game But we still have to try to win.” said Cooper.

For Nottingham Forest, they haven’t found a win in seven league games in a row. Collecting only 3 points, bringing the current situation to 16th place, just one point above the relegation zone, 18th place Leeds United. And there is an important program in the middle of the week to visit Elland Road on Tuesday.