‘Goretzka’ is confident ‘Pavlovic’ is strong enough

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Leon Goretzka, Bayern Munich’s muscular midfielder, believes his younger comrade Aleksandar Pavlovic can push himself to be as muscular as Gore

. Tzka used to have a slender figure in the past. But with determination, he upgraded his body until he was strong in the 2019/20 season. Causing German football fans to be confused by the change at that time,

The 19-year-old Pavlović. Who has impressed with outstanding performances in recent games. For Bayern, will be included Thursday in Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann’s squad for friendly matches against France and the Netherlands, German media reported on Tuesday.

The Munich-born Pavlović, who has Serbian roots, has only made 14 competitive appearances for Bayern – 12 in the Bundesliga and two in the Champions League.

while Pavlovic, the rising star of the Tigers, began to walk. According to ufabet http://ufabet999.app the seniors in building his body, there was a question to Goretzka about giving advice to this junior.

“Alex, he is still young. I myself looked like him when I was that age. That’s absolutely normal.”

“He has to make sure he doesn’t stop exercising. which will make him stronger He is a very hard-working kid. So he doesn’t need to come train with me.”

“The motivation within him is already high enough to allow him to increase his physical strength