9 junk foods that harm our body

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1. Diet type soft drink

junk foods that harm our body

Everyone might think that it is better than regular soft drinks. But it is a drink that must be avoided. Because in this add substance Aspartam and aspartame make our body crave more powder.

2. Donuts

It has twice the unsalted fat than chocolate and peanut butter. This raises the collagen in the blood, is unsuitable for people with high blood pressure, and the 35% donuts that come from frying are only fat, so every weight loss person should avoid it.

3. Hot dog

It has more sodium and fat than meat. Which resulted in bad health This is especially dangerous for young children. May not believe it, but in 1 year In the United States, there are 80 children who get stuck because of sausages that are very sticky and die.


Of course, it is a favorite of many people. The thin slides make cooking easy. It’s easy to put on sale, but can’t find fat in it. Sodium and cholesterol are very high. And even with people whose heart is not good May easily cause the heart to clog And additives in bacon can cause colon cancer.

5. Fried

Contains both saturated fats and insoluble fats. And the main component of it is flour, it definitely increases the weight and also increases the pressure. According to university research, people who eat fried foods every day have 1.6-2.2 times more pressure than those who eat less.

6. Potato Chips

According to research from Harvard University, French fries are the number 1 food additive for your belly, plus more than necessary in saturated fat and sodium. And does not make you full, causing you to eat a lot and contain carcinogens Like acrylic acid Therefore, it is not necessary, do not eat at all.

7.Frozen pizza

These days, frozen foods are popular because they are easy to eat, but in them frozen pizzas. It’s a good idea to avoid the fat in most pizzas. It adheres to arteries, preventing blood from circulating, and using a lot of starch and preservatives makes it unhealthy.

8. Finished snacks

In the finished dessert, there are preservatives and Contains a lot of GMOs, which are genetically causing abnormalities. Especially in Korea With imported GMO substances Is the number one way we may be consuming food that is contaminated without even knowing it Therefore, you should read the label carefully before buying.

9.Ice cream

In Mega, one researcher has said that it is the source of MSG, brown, and many things, especially the colors in ice cream, are highly contaminated. Especially inorganic food coloring may cause skin or respiratory allergies.