Type of massage

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Thai people are very familiar with massage. With massage is a science that has existed since ancient times. If you feel uncomfortable, feeling uncomfortable, aching, stiffness, and stiffness, going for a massage will make these symptoms relax and return to normal. There are many benefits of a massage, it will not only make you feel the pain. But there are other good things that you might not have expected. Today we would like to take you to know more about massage. With good benefits that you will be amazed.

Type of massage

Massage refers to the systematic use of the hands on the body in order to achieve the efficiency of the musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems. It also has better lymphatic transfer in the body. 

Type of massage

There are different types of massage and can be divided into the following broad categories.

 1. Massage for health It is a massage that causes muscle relaxation. Causing an awakening And to increase blood flow

 2. Massage for beauty This is mainly for beauty. Whether it is a facial scrub, facial with herbs. Body scrub, body massage with herbs, etc.

 3. Massage to relieve stress. It is a massage to relax the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders to relax and reduce the tightness of the muscles.

 4. Aromatherapy massage is a massage that uses essential oils to be used in the treatment. Selected essential oils have the ability to reduce stress and relaxation for the body and mind.