Contraindications for massage

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Before the massage, you should check for yourself that you are ready to massage or not. If not ready, postpone the massage first. With symptoms that can be checked from these things.

 1. You are having a fever, have persistent symptoms, have a fever over 38 degrees Celsius, pain, swelling, red hot

 2. You have a skin disease that can be contacted by a massage therapist.

 3. You are having an inflammation of any part of your body. Because if the massage then the inflammation will be more severe

 4.You just got off the plane so you can get a massage after 48 hours.

5. You’re having an ulcer. Massage can cause bruises or split wounds.

6. You are suffering from cancer. Massage can cause cancer to spread to other areas.

7. You feel very tired.

8. You finished eating.

9. You finish a new shower.

10. You are pregnant near giving birth.

11. You’re on a monthly basis.

12. Have you had a broken bone or steel splint?

13. You have just finished surgery and the wound has not healed completely.

Massage is beneficial for the body, mind and body. Makes the body healthy, helps reduce pain symptoms, and then you should find some time to massage.