The benefits of massage

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The benefits of massage

1. Make your muscles, tendons, and fascia stretched. Helps reduce muscle and ligament spasms, making the body move more comfortably.

 2. Helps to stimulate the nervous system and blood vessels to work efficiently. Can respond to the natural environment better. 

 3. Helps your blood flow better, can bring oxygen. To feed various parts of the body as well

 4. Helps stimulate the lymphatic system to circulate well. Help build the immune system and deal with the old germs.

 5. Make you feel relaxed, comfortable, mood, sleep easier. Breathe easier And depression symptoms decreased

6.Bone joints move more smoothly and can extend their working life more.

7.It helps to relieve back pain effectively. Research has shown that massage reduces back pain better than acupuncture.

8. Helps relieve headaches. Especially migraine headaches And will also help you sleep better