The benefits of avocado

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The benefits of avocado is a food that many health and beauty lovers talk about and buy. Nowadays, the more widespread and easier to find. Why is avocado a food that many people think of? How good is it Let’s try to get to know each other a little bit?

The benefits of avocado

Avocado general characteristics

Avocados are dark green, rough with a thick rind, and when ripe, they turn purple or black. The avocado pulp is creamy and soft, the taste is oily, like a milk flavor, odorless, yellow, with 1 pellet in the middle.

Nutrients in avocado

Avocados are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E that helps maintain skin, potassium, lowers blood pressure. Folate lowers blood pressure. Vitamin A helps to nourish the eyes. B vitamins help reduce beriberi symptoms. Vitamin C helps prevent cold symptoms and scurvy. Antioxidants slow down aging and reduce the risk of cancer. It also contains polyunsaturated good fatty acids that can help lower blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Not only that, but they also contain 11 different carotenoids that are high in antioxidants, mostly found in the dark green areas of the skin that are attached to the bottom of the skin.

Avocado benefits

As mentioned above, it can be seen that avocados contain a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins, thus providing many benefits to the body, whether they are

1. Help you lose weight

Avocado is known as an excellent weight loss and bad fat fruit, it helps lower blood cholesterol. Therefore very suitable for weight loss Which is based on research from North-West University in South Africa Will find that people who eat
Avocado every day In the amount of 200 grams per day, it will lose weight and high cholesterol This is because the fat in okado is good for your body. 

2. Prevent and relieve beriberi.

For those who have nerve end problems, it often occurs beriberi. Avocados are high in B vitamins, so they can help reduce beriberi. If you eat avocado regularly, or at least it can help reduce the frequency of beriberi.