Whats Computer Vision Syndrome?

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Whats Computer Vision Syndrome ? Needless to say, I know from the name that this disease is definitely related to computers. because office workers like us. Those who spend most of their 8-10 hours a day working at a computer screen and laptop, resulting in eyesight that has to constantly fight against blue light from the screen, fatigue and other problems can follow. 

Take a look at yourself. While sitting and playing a ufabet for a while. If you have symptoms such as dry eyes, burning eyes, frequent tears, or your eyes are unable to fight the light or adjust the focus You may be suffering from CVS. Dry eyes can also become severely inflamed and lead to cataracts. 

because there is only one pair of eyes Anyone who feels that they are in the category of CVS is recommended to have an eye exam. or people who do not have symptoms But you have to work in front of the screen every day. You can go to check for abnormalities as well. In addition, you need to keep your eyesight. Always wear light filtering glasses. Adjust screen light to fit not too bright or too dark eyes with computer screen They should be 20-28 inches apart, or about 2 rulers, and don’t forget to blink often. Or find a tree to set on your desk as a resting point for your eyes.