Why do we need to exercise for health?

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What do we exercise for? Why do you have to torture your body when you should find happiness on yourself? But do you know that if you do not exercise You can be happy only in a short time. When disease and illness endanger life It will cause suffering both physically and mentally. But many people know that exercise has tremendous health benefits. If I had to recite today, I would definitely not end. But we will discuss only the main benefits. Of exercise Which will be as follows.

exercise for health

– Exercise to maintain a healthy and strong body.

– To strengthen the immune system and prevent disease.

– Exercise for the treatment of disease and pain

Exercise is divided into two main types:

1. Anaerobic

Is exercise anaerobic metabolism Rather, it will burn the stored energy in the body instead. This energy is stored in the muscles and liver. This exercise. For example, doing weights or lifting weights, etc.

2. Aerobic, Cardio, Cardio

Is exercise that uses oxygen to help burn fat. And convert it from fat to energy But this type of exercise must be gradual and should not overdo it. Because it must be released continuously for a period of at least 25 minutes of this type of exercise, for example, aerobics, cycling, etc.

Good trick: Did you know The most beneficial exercise for the body is aerobic exercise because it requires movement of all parts of the body. As a result, the blood vessels that feed the heart are enlarged, making the heart stronger. Makes the heart muscle to work faster. And dance regularly.