Cat fungus must be careful. It may be a skin disease and itching all over the body.

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  Cat fungus must be careful. It may be a skin disease Cats are the cutest furry pets. Until some people agree to become slaves to the cat with all their heart Or people who can’t raise them often go to cat cafes. But even though the cats are cute and adorable. I want to remind the slaves to take good care of the cats because if the cat has a fungus. Can also be transmitted to humans. Causing itching It is a skin disease that needs to be very careful.

What is cat fungus? What causes it?

          Cat fungus is a type of feline skin disease. It is caused by Microsporum canis, a type of fungus that is more common in cats than other UFABET types of fungi. It can be observed from cats that have itching. Patchy hair loss, dry, gray, scaly rashes, or small blisters on the skin.

           May be cause by fungi in the general environment. especially in damp places stick to the cat’s fur which if the cat has a weak immune system like a kitten or is a cat that does not receive milk from a mother cat including sick cats There is a risk of this fungus causing skin disease. But if the cat is healthy. This fungus will stick to the skin or the cat’s fur without causing any disease.

How is transmitted to humans?

cat fungus

          Can infect humans through direct contact with the fungus. Especially those who like to hold, hug, kiss, kiss or let the cat sleep on the bed. In which we can infect cats without a wound anyway. In addition, cat fungus can be classify as a skin disease that can be transmit from person to person. by touching the infection to the skin of a fungal infection or put on clothes share personal belongings.